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LUXURY-FASHIONOUTLET offers you a large selection of high-quality new and used luxury items. Our core labels are LOUIS VUITTON , CHANEL, DIOR, GUCCI and PHILIPP PLEIN .
Our range includes high-quality women's and men's items, beloved vintage items and selected collection pieces. Each of the used individual pieces was carefully selected by us and carefully checked for authenticity and quality. Only the fashion items and accessories that pass this test make it into the shop.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton was founded in Paris in 1854 and has been synonymous with luxury and elegance ever since. Originally known for exclusive suitcases and luggage, the company now offers a wide range of high-quality leather goods, including iconic handbags, accessories and luxury luggage ranges. Each piece exudes craftsmanship and timeless class, and is valued worldwide as a symbol of prestige and style. Visit us and discover the incomparable world of Louis Vuitton.

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CHANEL Timeless Heart Bag Mittelgroß Herz Tasche


Discover the unparalleled luxury of Chanel - a brand that stands for timeless elegance and sophisticated design. Since its founding by Coco Chanel in 1909, the fashion house has shaped the world of fashion with unforgettable classics like the little black dress and the iconic 2.55 handbag. Let yourself be seduced by the beauty and glamor of Chanel and find your personal style.

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Discover the incomparable world of Dior - a brand that stands for timeless elegance and groundbreaking designs. Since its visionary founding by Christian Dior in 1946, the fashion house has redefined the boundaries of fashion with its breathtaking couture creations and legendary perfumes. Immerse yourself in our world of haute couture and exquisite accessories. Experience the incomparable style and
Luxury that only Dior can offer and let yourself be seduced by ours
enchant timeless beauty.

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